30 Jahre Mauerfall

I was 7 when the wall came down and 10 years after that I left my small east german town and moved to England. Having lived 20 years in the UK given me distance and inside to my own history. So last year I started researching into this moment in time and found many complex connections, stories, questions and how politics do effect us personally. I worked in collaberation with Katharina Child from Atelier and we put on an eventing of talks, food and performance about the Fall of the Wall last year.


This year we are making it bigger.

A collaberation of minds and spaces in the theme of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, curated with Katharina Child from Atelier Stroud, Jo Leahy from the SVA and Uta Baldauf.  We are creating an evolving program which celebrates elements of this historical event in many differnet venues and projects in Stroud.

We also went to Berlin together check out our Instagram.

Upcoming events:

Berlin Zeitgeist in Stroud 

19th July at the Good Shed, Stroud

There will be a selection of German films screening in different venues in Autumn 2019

more coming…..