What are we doing now?


Life as we know it has been put on hold, we have to make another. The old, the new and the futur are in a strange tension and fracmented discourse.

I have found myself discovering sound breakcrumps  of my past and songs on my computer music library unlistend for a long time, since I experince most of my music on platforms in the world wide web. I started making a radio show exploring the sounds of my past. It is called Wasteland in Isolation and is edited whilst being recorded this means the structure is created through doing and finding a kind of attement to keep a live element. Performance is a crucial part of my arts practise and the live moment is a key part of my work which is difficult in a time of distance.

My aim is to make a weekly radio show, so far there are two!

Here is a link to my Mixedcloud profile where you can listen and share the shows:

The show has appeart on the Deepbed online radio platfrom.