Uta’s childhood interest for theatre took her on a long journey starting at a local east German Theatre Group, performing Shakespeare all the way to Devised and Physical Theatre.



‘Hey Boss! The Drive-thru’, Cavendish Square Carp Park, London 08/10/2016 A performance in a underground carpark with Hand in Glove Theatre Company, working with devised structures and live physical improvisation.



A collaboration with ‘Spanner in the work’ theatre company. A performance about the trenches in World War I with football, poetry, music and local stories.


180751_186032114766244_7828432_n‘Lets cycle to the stars’ was a devised theatre production which traveled to many venues in Wales, London and Gloucestershire. A journey to the stars with the audience involvment with the help of poetry, visual arts, music and enviromental awareness. The process was a collaberation with the theatre maker Aimee Corbett and artist Hannah Morrison.