Who am I?

I wonder everyday and the answere is always different. I am an artist without a paint brush and a poet with dyslexia. I am a performer with performance anxiety.  I work in Health Care to keep me grounded and a roof over my books and plants. The human experience and vunbrabilty is a centre piece of my thinking.

I love words and text as a visual symbol.

Playing and communicating is what I do and I love taking part in many different projects with other creators and artists.

I used to do a radio show on Soundart Radio and Stroud FM.

My friend and I used to run a Visual art Radio installation called Wasteland and it took many forms. A radio show, interactive art installation, platform and less.

2004-2007 Dartington College of Arts, BA(Hon) Devised Theatre and Visual Arts Practice

I am sure there is more if you want to know more or work with me get in touch.