Uta has started a new music collaberation with Sean Roe. The name keeps on changing but for now we are called ‘Woool Heads’. Narrative tone poems with a glitchy electronic beat. Look out for up coming gigs.


Uta has been singing and written lyrics in the Band Square Bomb who have released their first LP in 2016. Square Bomb is currently on vaccation. 

Uta has no formal musical education but loves to play and create music like a child portending to be a musician or not.

Uta loves to collaberate. Here are a few Fossil Stilton and Jesse Perlstein New York Based artist on Braided Sound Chelthenham.

Uta performs with the Chelthemham Improvisers Orchestra playing the typewriter, paper, music box and more.

SQ Bomb on Soundcloud

SQ Bomb Kickstarter Video