Knitting Orchestra

The Knitting Orchestra is a conceptial love letter to knitting. And  will be performing as part of the Water and Wool Festival in Stroud on  15th September 2019 at the Stroud Brewery.

If you are interested in taking part in the performance please get in touch, we love to grow. There is a Knitting Orchestra Rehearsal on 15th July, 8pm at Atelier, Stroud.

Here is a lovely documentary of the Knitting Orchestra made by Robyn Pete.


This April 28th

Uta will be performing at the SVA, Stroud at Jonny Fluffypunk, ‘Mr Fluffypunk’s Penny Gaff’ .

‘Mr Fluffypunk’s Penny Gaff’ brings to Stroud some of the best, quirkiest and most interesting performers from the UK’s comedy, spoken word and alternative cabaret scenes. Special guests will be Project Adorno with their beat poetry and understated quirky pop songs. Liz Bentley one of the quirkiest voices on the UK’s spoken word scene.